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Tiger is Floss' baby half-brother from the Jacqueline Wilson book Candyfloss.


Birth Name

Tim Barnes




Sally Barnes, Steve Barnes


Floss Barnes



On the morning of Floss' first 10th birthday, Tiger screeches Happy Birthday to Floss and claps his hands. When Floss admires her birthday presents, Tiger rips the paper and tangles the ribbon. Floss then receives the fifth present: a giant toy kangaroo, but Tiger eats the joey, so Mum rescues it. When Mum and Steve go to the bathroom, Floss tells Tiger she wishes he was never born, but Tiger just laughs.

Later, for Floss' birthday, the family go to Harlie's Cafe and the waitress make a big fuss of Tiger, and Floss feels like it's more like Tiger's birthday than her's. Later, after Mum forces Floss to go with her, Steve and Tiger to Australia, Floss tells Tiger a story, draws animals for him, feeds him, bathes him and puts him to bed, and gives him her kangaroo and joey.