Sunset Kilman is from the Jacqueline Wilson book Little Darlings. She hates the fact that her family is so

Sunset Kilman

Birth Name

Sunset Kilman




Sweetie Kilman (younger sister) Ace Kilman (younger brother) Destiny Williams (older half-sister)


Suzy Kilman (mother) Danny Kilman (father)


Destiny Williams


Little Darlings


Dark, wild hair, 10 years old, large nose


Shy, emotionally sensitive, creative, sweet, reserved, friendly, sympathetic, insecure, supportive, tough deep down

famous because of her dad, a once great rock singer. She's a bit awkward with people, because she doesn't get much practice except dealing with paparazzi, her father's adoring, slightly weird fans and her own crazy family. Her dream is to have a nice quiet life with no one intruding on her when she's dancing alone or writing a poem. She is the penpal of Destiny Williams , her halfsister

Early LifeEdit

Sunset was born less than a year after her half-sister, Destiny Williams. She was the first child of Suzy Kilman (nee Swinger) and Danny Kilman, the 'once great' rockstar. Not much is known about her younger years, but she did mention to her nanny Claudia that for her sixth birthday, her parents got some 'famous' children to come to her party. The paparazzi were there, and she went and hid in her wardrobe. Later, her two younger siblings were born, Sweetie and Ace. She also has two other half-siblings apart from Destiny, Topaz and Danny Jr.