Rochelle is one of Dixie's sisters from the Jacqueline Wilson book The Diamond Girls. She is twelve, and is girly and a flirt. She has long blonde curly hair, a heart-shaped face and pouty lips. Most of the clothes she wears are glamorous and revealing, tight and sparkly. After they move to their new house she soon gets a boyfriend in a member of the gang Jude fights with, called Ryan. Her father was an aspiring musician called Jordan who died of a drug overdose when she was two. Her mother Sue met Dixie's father Terry while arranging Jordan's funeral. She likes teasing Dixie and can be quite mean. Although Rochelle is pretty and showy, she can be kind.

All about Rochelle
Birth name Rochelle Diamond
Personality Ditzy, showy, girly, selfish, mean
Appearance Slender, beautiful, pretty, long wavy blonde hair, fair skin, heart-shaped face, pink pouty lips
Age 12
Birthday March 2
Friends Ryan
Parents Sue Diamond (mother), Jordan Diamond (father)
Siblings Dixie, Sundance (younger sisters) Jude, Martine, (older sisters)
Enemies Jude (sometimes, mostly when she annoys her)
Likes Showing off, pink, fashion, Cornettos, cream doughnuts, Mars bars, teasing Dixie
Dislikes Jude fighting or annoying her, not getting her own way
Romances Ryan