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Martina "Marty" Michaels is the main character from the Jacqueline Wilson

Marty Michaels

Birth Name

Martina Michaels




Melissa Michaels (older sister)


Jan Michaels (mother), Harry Michaels (father)


Jaydene, Micky West, Jeremy Brown


Tomboy, creative, funny, wild


Alisha Evans, Katie, Ingrid


Her favourite clothes, drawing Mighty Mart comics, football, rounders, chips, Toy Story 3


Pink, dresses, anything girly, her enemies


The Worst Thing About My Sister

book The Worst Thing About My Sister. Marty is an eight-year-old girl who is a tomboy. She cannot stand her eleven-year-old sister Melissa who is a massive girly girl. Marty is apparently popular with a girl called Jaydene who likes Melissa more than Marty. Marty loves drawing pictures of her as a superhero called Mighty Mart and pretends to be her in her own red converse bouncing over rooftops with her built-in springs. She lives in her "Marty Den", where she bans Melissa until her parents make her share a room with Melissa. She also has Wilma the whale-shaped duvet, Jumper the Dalmatian dog, Basil the boa made out of her Mum's old tights and Percy the porcupine (a teddy bear stuck to a hairbrush). Her worst enemies, Katie, Ingrid and Alisha call her Bluebottle after the horrible dress her mum made her wear for Alisha's dance party which she did not want to go to. And Marty does not like the fact that her mum is the school secretary.

Appearance Edit

Marty has long messy fair curls and blue eyes. Her favourite everyday outfit is her red POW! t-shirt, blue jeans and tartan converse trainers.