Lily Green is the main character from the Jacqueline Wilson book Lily Alone. Lily narrates the novel in first person. She is the eldest of the Green children and takes care of her siblings most of the time. Although she likes taking care of her siblings, she uses her vivid imagination to play a 'Lily Alone' game where she fantasizes that she lives in a big white house with beautiful rooms. She views it as being as 'pristine as a palace' – a palace which she will design all by herself. She uses an expensive drawing pad, purchased by her mother, upon which to draw. Lily is patient, gentle and responsible, but her mother uses her as a nanny and leaves her alone with Baxter, Bliss and Pixie most nights to club and drink. Lily loves her mother so much she does not realize that her mother is a failure as a parent for leaving her kids alone and will often breakdown crying due to the pressure of responsibility. At the end of the book she is put into a care home apart from her siblings and mother, but believes that they will all be together soon.

All about Lily
Birth name Lily Green
Personality Imaginative, kind, fierce, adamant, caring, loving, sisterly, protective
Appearance Shoulder-length dark-blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin
Age 11
Birthday July 14
Siblings Baxter Green (younger half-brother), Bliss and Pixie Green (younger half-sisters)
Parents Kate Green (mother), un-named father
Enemies Mikey, Old Kath
Likes Drawing her dream house, painting, peace, her brother and sisters, hanging out with her mother
Dislikes Her mum going away, Baxter's tantrums, Pixie's chattiness or yelling, Mikey's scariness, men