Lily Alone is a children's book by Jacqueline Wilson.


  • Lily - An 11-year-old girl who is the big sister of Bliss, Baxter and Pixie. She is the oldest of the kids.
  • Bliss - The shy and quiet 6-year-old sister of Lily, Baxter and Pixie.
  • Baxter - Bliss' twin brother. He seems to be immature and rude.
  • Pixie - The 3-year-old sister of Lily, Bliss and Baxter. She is the youngest of the kids.
  • Mum - The worn-out mother of Lily, Bliss, Baxter and Pixie. She goes out with her boyfriend, Gordon.
  • Gordon - Mum's boyfriend. He seems to act mean to the kids.