This article is about the book Hetty Feather. For the character whom the book was named after, see Hetty Feather.


Hetty Feather.



Taking place way into the past, Hetty's mother, Ida Battersea, could not afford to look after her newborn daughter, so she gave her up for adoption.

A temporary guardian came to took care of the young Hetty Feather. The woman had 2 other children, two boys named Jem and Gideon (another orphan). As the red-headed Hetty grows up, she really wants to go to the local circus. Her big brother Jem then decided to abide by her wants and sneaked her into the tent. Sitting excitedly in the audience, she was awestruck by the green-eyed, fiery red-headed star , whom she was convinced to be her biological mother.

Upon returning home, they had dinner and retired to the "squirrel-house" which was a special hollowed-out tree.

When the time for her stay with her temporary foster parents expired, she and Gideon sadly returned to the orphanage. They returned to the orphanage to be taken under the care of the nicknamed Matron Pigface and unfortunately christened Matron Bottomly, who took them to the separate quarters for girls and boys.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Hetty, her mother, Ida, was employed at the orphanage as a cook.

Under the order of Matron Pigface, the poor orphan were forced to participate in child-labor. The quick-tempered and always-seeking-for-revenge Hetty was outraged. She was planning revenge on three people at this point: her enemy (a fellow girl orphan), and the two Matrons.

Later the orphans went on an outing to visit the Queen. Whilst walking to the palace, Hetty Feather snuck off to the circus to find the star she saw last time with Jem whom she thought was her mother (but really wasn't).



  • Hetty Feather
  • Jem
  • Gideon Smeed
  • Martha
  • Saul
  • Ida Battersea
  • Polly Renfrew
  • Matron Gertrude Bottomly