Ella Lakeland is the main character from the Jacqueline Wilson book The Longest Whale Song. She is a creative child who is often distracted from her school work. Ella has a particular fondness of whales, which is a main plot device in the story. Her biggest enemy is Martha. Ella's mum is in a coma in hospital after having Ella's baby half-brother Samson.

All about Ella
Birth name: Ella Lakeland
Age 9
Relatives Sue Lakeland (mother), Jack Winters (stepfather), Samson Winters (baby half-brother), Mike Lakeland (father), Mr Winters (step-grandad), Mrs Winters (step-gran)
Pets Butterscotch (guinea pig)
Friends Sally, Joseph, Dory, Toby, Aunty Mavis
Enemies Martha (formerly),


Ella is creative, indignant and beautiful. She loves her mum and baby half-brother, Samson, but at first she hates her stepdad, Jack. They both get along in the other half of the book.

Appearance Edit

Ella is small and slim. She has shoulder-length light-brown hair which she nearly always wears in two bunches, with a fringe at the front. She also has blue eyes and fair skin, and is usually shown wearing striped tops.