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Chloe is the antagonist from the Jacqueline Wilson book Sleepovers. She is the C of the Alphabet Club.


Chloe is shown to be moody, lonely and a bit girly.

chloe williams

chloe williams

Chloe williams


7 (later 8)

zoe, tanzin katie

Emily (formerly)


Emily, Daisy, Amy, Bella



She is especially mean to Daisy, and calls her Daisy Diddums. She hates being told off, but loves horror films, unlike the other girls. When she wets herself on the night of Daisy's birthday sleepover after being scared by Lily's wailing, the girls tease her the following Monday, and Chloe goes off to a bunch of other girls to create a new group.

Rivalry with DaisyEdit

Chloe is upset with Daisy about herself getting into trouble and staying in school at break, that she calls her a mean pig and is reluctant to let Daisy come to Amy's birthday party, but Amy declines that Daisy will be invited to the party. On the night of the sleepover, Chloe orders that Daisy must sleep in the camp bed, because she thinks that there wouldn't be enough room for her to squeeze in next to her and Emily. Emily begins to feel sick, which disgusts Chloe. Emily goes off Chloe and chooses Daisy as her new best friend.

On Emily's birthday, Chloe calls Emily's birthday teddy stupid, and pushes Daisy out of the car, hurting her knees. She is upset when Amy and Bella score a goal. Chloe now calls Daisy "Daisy Diddums".

On Daisy's birthday, Chloe arrives late and gives Daisy a film called 101 Dalmatians, but it is really a horror film, which terrify Daisy and her friends. That night, Chloe wakes up because she needs the toilet, so Daisy offers to show her where it is. When Lily hears their footsteps down the hall, she thinks it is time to wake up and yells, "UR UR UR UR UR!!!!" which terrifies Chloe, and wets herself. The girls tease her about the accident on Monday, and Chloe goes off to a bunch of other girls to create a new group, and the girls enjoy being a happy foursome together.


Chloe is little, and has fair curls, big blue eyes and fair skin. Her school uniform usually consists of a blue cardigan with her yellow school crest, a white collar, a short grey skirt, white stockings with black polka dots and black high heel ankle boots. At Emily's birthday sleepover she is seen wearing a black, orange, and red sweater over a blue shirt, dark blue jeans and her ankle boots. On her birthday she wore a red frilly shirt with a black heart in the middle. At Daisy's party she wore a pink T-shirt with a frilly white collar, hem and cuffs, which said The Bestest Little Girl in All The World. She also wore a hot pink skirt with black polka dots, pink strappy heels, pink sparkles on her cheeks and pink lipstick. She also wore gold heart earrings.